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Grain of Thought In the News

John Geraghty thought of the name for his business, Grain of Thought, while sitting in a traffic jam. The words were later spray-painted graffiti-style on the rolling door to his shop in Brooklyn, N.Y. The artwork makes the self-taught woodworker’s space the quintessential inner-city shop, along with the noisy traffic, and hustle and bustle of people outside. 

Grain of Thought In the News

Owners of two local businesses have created unique chairs that are part of an auction that will raise money for Boston-based charities.

Karen Dzendolet, principal and owner of KDZ Designs in Pelham, and John Geraghty, founder of Grain of Thought Furniture Design and Woodworks in Southampton, made the pieces for the “Take a Seat” design exhibition.

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